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We Buy, Sell & Consign Used Guns

Looking to get rid of a gun you don’t use anymore? Or maybe you’re interested in finding a good quality firearm at a lower cost. Whether you want to buy or sell a used firearm, MSAR has got you covered!



If you’re looking for an inexpensive first firearm for yourself or a family member, come by and check out our inventory! At MSAR, we offer a wide selection of reasonably priced pre-owned firearms that can save you money on your next purchase. You may even discover a rare older model you’ve wanted but haven't been able to locate. Because the used guns come and go so quickly, be sure to stop by and check out our inventory today!



If you’re looking for a safe and legal way to sell your used gun, MSAR can help! We buy functional used pistols, rifles and shotguns of nearly any make and model—including entire collections—and we also accept firearms for resale on consignment.

A consignment sale will normally net you the most money for your firearm, however you have to wait until the gun is sold to receive payment. Once your firearm is sold, you will receive a check for the sale price minus our consignment fee. A direct sale to MSAR is quick and provides you with instant payment. Please keep in mind that we are buying to resell, so we cannot give you the “going price” for your gun. However, this may be the best option for you if you need payment immediately. If we decide to purchase your firearm, we will make you an offer on the spot and send you off with a check.

To get started, stop by our store and one of our firearm experts will give you a fair assessment of your gun’s value and condition. We cannot appraise firearms or give out price quotes by email or over the phone, so please be sure to bring your gun into the store with you. You must also bring a valid government-issued photo ID. Please note that there is no guarantee we will accept all firearms brought into our store. All firearms must be unloaded and in a case when brought in.