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Lane Fee


$25.00 - Pistol Daily Membership, second person will be charged an additional $10.00.

$25.00  - Rifle/Shotgun Hourly Membership, second person will be charged an additional $10.00.

A daily membership allows up to two people to shoot on one lane for the entire day. We must hold your drivers license to use the range. The range is first come, first served. No reservations are taken.


Test & Evaluation Firearms


$10.00 - Pistol T&E
$20.00 - Rifle T&E 


Click Here to View our T&E Guns!

We offer a wide variety of firearms for you to Test & Evaluate on our range! We must hold a Visa or Mastercard while you test and evaluate our firearm. You must be 21 years of age or older to test and evaluate a firearm.



$21-$40 Standard Ammunition (50 Rounds per Box)

Ammunition must be purchased from us if a rental gun is used. You may bring in your own ammunition only if you bring in your own firearm

Ear Protection

earprotection $1.50 - Ear Muff Rental

We offer headset rentals. If you do not wish to rent a headset we have ear plugs you may purchase instead. Earplugs are 85¢ - $1

Safety Glasses

safetyglasses $4 - Basic Safety Glasses

Although Safety Glasses are not required, we HIGHLY recommend them.


targets 40¢ - $1.25 - Targets

We offer a wide variety of targets to choose from including Clowns, Zombies, and much more!