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Range Instruction & Training


At this time, MSAR does NOT employ any firearms instructors, nor do we offer any private instruction on the range. We do, however, offer a variety of firearms classes and training at our facility. Please see our Classes and Training page for more information. We also offer FREE safety tutorials for all beginner and first-time shooters before they use the range. Please see our New Shooters page for more information.

NOTE: There are many outside instructors who use our facilities to conduct business, however, they are NOT affiliated with MSAR in any way. If you are looking to receive range instruction and/or firearms training from an outside instructor, please check out the ads below. These ads are for the outside instructors who currently advertise with MSAR. Please note that MSAR will NOT distribute any contact information for any outside firearms instructors unless they advertise with us. MSAR is NOT responsible or liable for any interactions involved between any outside instructors and their students while using our facilities. Additionally, MSAR assumes no responsibility for any information and/or services provided by any outside instructors who use our facilities.