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Maryland Small Arms Range defines a firearms instructor as any person giving training or instruction to another person for the purposes of, but not limited to, firearms safety, firearms operation or attaining certification in the proficiency of firearms. This includes verbal instruction, "grading" of targets, providing qualification or certification and accompaniment on the range for live-fire exercises. The definition also extends to circumstances in which a person may not receive a certification of service from the instructor, commonly referred to as "personal defense training" or "practice".

How to Conduct Business at MSAR:

Firearms Instructors looking to use our facility to conduct business are required to provide MSAR Management the necessary documents listed in the Firearms Instructor Agreement that is found in the provided MSAR Firearms Instructor Packet (provided upon request). All instructors will also be held to the terms and conditions set forth on the Firearms Instructor Agreement and Facility Rules.

How to Advertise your Business & Services at MSAR:

At MSAR, a large percentage of our customers are beginner shooters and new gun owners looking to obtain the skills, knowledge and confidence required to safely own and effectively use a firearm. Let us refer our customers to you to provide them with the proper training that they're looking for!

Solicitation is prohibited. You may not advertise your services to any MSAR customer or leave business cards, fliers, ECT. advertising your business at our facility. *INCLUDING THE PARKING LOT!* If you would like MSAR to advertise on your behalf, please CLICK HERE to purchase one of our advertising packages.


Firearms Instructor Info for Customers:

If you are in need of a Firearms Instructor and/or training, please refer to the following ads.
Please note - The following instructors are not employed by MSAR