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Used Guns / Consignment Sales

Are you looking to sell your used or newly acquired firearm? At MSAR, there are two methods you can choose from (listed below), both of which provides various benefits.

[1] Sell Your Gun to MSAR:
At MSAR, we buy guns of all types that are in good or better condition. This approach is quick and provides you with instant payment (check only). Please keep in mind that we are buying to resell, therefore we cannot give you the "going price" for your gun.

[2] Consign Your Gun with MSAR:
As another option, you can showcase your gun on consignment with MSAR and we will help get it sold at your asking price. This approach will normally net you the most money for your gun, but you have to wait until your gun has been sold to receive payment. Our consignment fee is $50.00 for firearms priced up to $499.99 and 10% of the selling price for firearms priced at $500.00 or more. Once your firearm has been sold, you will receive a check for the sale price, minus our consignment fee. If you reclaim an unsold gun, you are still required to pay the consignment fee.

To get started, contact us and share what you are looking to sell. If we agree that we are a good match for your needs, you may bring your unloaded and cased gun to our facility for further review on the condition of your gun. *Please note: If you would like to sell your gun to MSAR for quick payment, we can give you an estimate over the phone, however we must see the gun in person before committing to a price and the overall sale.