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  Happy Hour


Two for Tuesday

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour


Happy Hour - Half Price Range Time
Happy Hour pricing is the same for both pistol and rifle/shotgun lanes.

*One Lane, One Shooter: $12.50 Per Hour
*One Lane, Two Shooters: $20.00 Per Hour

Two for Tuesday - Two T&E Guns for the Price of One
The second (free) T&E Gun must be the same type as the first T&E Gun. For Example: If the first gun is a rifle or shotgun, the second (free) gun must be a rifle or shotgun.

*Two Rifle/Shotgun T&E Guns: $20.00
*Two Pistol T&E Guns: $10.00


Groupon Range Packages:


Up to 52% off Firing Range Package for Two with Revolver, Rifle or Pistol.

-This package must be purchased and/or returned through Groupon.

-Package items CANNOT be exchanged for other items. For Example: If a 9MM pistol package is purchased, a 9MM pistol must be shot unless the customer pays the T&E fee for another firearm.

-You do not need to make an appointment to use a Groupon package. Our range is first come, first serve only!

-Customers using a Groupon package must pay a $2.58 tax fee (cash only) to MSAR upon arrival.

-MSAR accepts expired Groupon packages.