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Our Selection (Gun Sales)

Our Gun Shop features a diverse selection of brand name firearms, both new and used (listed below). Whether you're an avid hunter, gun collector, law enforcement or simply seeking a little extra protection, we will assist you in finding a firearm that best suits your needs, wants and budget.



Glock Sig_Sauer Ruger Spikes_Tactical HK
LWRC Mossberg Hi-Point Taurus Remington
KRISS Springfield_Armory Windham_Weaponry Kel_Tec FN_Logo


**Smith & Wesson is one of America's longest-standing, leading firearm brands that delivers unmatched superiority through innovative pistols, revolvers, rifles and accessories. Being an authorized Smith & Wesson Dealer, we have the ability to order direct with S&W and offer exclusive dealer pricing to our customers. We also proudly participate in S&W's Blue Line Program which offers special pricing on selected S&W firearms to those who are eligible.

CLICK HERE for more information on Smith & Wesson's Blue Line Program.