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Firearms Instructors / Training

Maryland Small Arms Range defines a firearms instructor as any person giving training or instruction to another person for the purposes of, but not limited to, firearms safety, firearms operation or attaining certification in the proficiency of firearms.

*Before using any aspects of the facilities at Maryland Small Arms Range, all firearms instructors must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in our Firearms Instructor Agreement. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the facility. CLICK HERE to request a copy of our Firearms Instructor Agreement.

*Maryland Small Arms Range prohibits the distribution of materials (business cards, fliers, ECT.) on or at company property. This includes advertising your business directly to any MSAR customer. If you would like MSAR to advertise on your behalf, you must purchase one of our advertising packages.CLICK HERE to view our view/purchase our advertising packages.


If you are in need of a Firearms Instructor or training please refer to the following ads:
*The following instructors are NOT employeed by MSAR!*