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Compact Closed

V-Line Compact Pistol Safe

This is the baby brother of our popular Top Draw handgun safe.


DeskMate Closed

V-Line DeskMate Handgun Safe

The Desk Mate handgun safe is designed to be mounted discretely under a desk or shelf for quick access to a single firearm or other valuables.


Hide Away Closed

V-Line Hide-Away Large Capacity Handgun Safe

The Hide-Away is a larger version of the Desk Mate but also includes a pull out shelf for easy access to firearms or valuables.


Narc Box Closed

V-Line Narcotics Security Box

Our Narcotics Security Box (NSB) is capable of assigning unique up to 125 user combinations.


Full Tray

V-Line Full Tray (Slide Away)

The Full Tray helps maximize the space in the Slide-Away.


Half Tray

V-Line Half Tray (Slide Away)

The Half Tray helps maximaze the space in the Slide-Away.


Mounting Bracket

V-Line Mounting Bracket (Slide Away)

The Quick Release Mounting Bracket allows the Slide-Away to be transported and mounted in multiple locations.


BRUTE Closed

V-Line BRUTE Tactical Heavy Duty Large Capacity Handgun Safe

The “BRUTE” is the perfect solution for keeping hand guns and valuables safe and out of reach of the wrong hands.


Full Shelf Closet Vault

V-Line Full Shelf (Closet Vault)


Quick Vault Shelf

V-Line Extra Shelf (Quick Vault)


Gun Caddy for Closet Vault

V-Line Gun Caddy (Closet Vault)


Half Shelf Closet Vault

V-Line Half Shelf (Closet Vault)


Peg Board Closet Vault

V-Line Pegboard Door Panel (Closet Vault)


Pistol Rack

V-Line Pistol Rack (Closet Vault)