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M-Pro 7

7 Bore Gel, 4oz Bottle

M-Pro 7 Bore Gel, 4oz Bottle

All of the carbon-breaking, copper-stripping power of M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner in a heavy-bodied gel that clings to interior bore surfaces for a superior cleaning action in less time.


Copper Remover 4oz Bottle

M-Pro 7 Copper Remover 4oz Bottle

Eliminates copper fouling without the use of ammonia or other toxic chemicals. Up to 4x faster than ammonia-based cleaners. Improves accuracy and reliability. Dissolves copper fouling. Conditions to reduce future fouling. Safe on bore steel (for use inside bore only). Ammonia and odor free. 4oz bottle


Tactical Small Arms Cleaning Kit

M-Pro 7 Tactical Small Arms Cleaning Kit

Designed by and for the US Soldier, this kit contains everything needed to properly maintain a military style weapon in the field and in garrison. Each item was specifically requested by soldiers to simplify and speed-up their current maintenance process. Available with or without the Leatherman M.U.T.

$215.95 - $378.95

Gun Cleaner

M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner

Vital to maintaining weapon reliability and performance by removing layers of fouling, embedded carbon and conditioning the bore to help prevent future build-up. Significantly cuts cleaning time. Improves accuracy and reliability. Conditions to reduce future fouling. Removes carbon, lead and most copper fouling

$9.95 - $414.95

M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil

M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil

More than just gun oil, LPX is the next generation of Lubricant and Protectant for advanced military and law enforcement style handheld and crew-served weaponry used in extreme environment operations

$13.95 - $13,759.95