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Hatch Warm Weather Police Duty Glove

The CT250 is a lightweight police duty glove designed to provide hand protection in hot environments.



Hatch Cycling Glove w/ LiquiCell® Full Finger

The FLG250 Hatch® ShearStop™ Cycling glove reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between the hands and other objects, reducing skin friction.



Hatch Wheelchair/Cycle Gloves w/ LiquiCell Half Finger

Any time your hands come into contact with another object, there is pressure, friction—and shear stress. Often, it is severe enough to cause pain and, potentially, real harm. Hatch® ShearStop™ wheelchair gloves reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between the body and another object.



Hatch Specialist® Gloves

Thin, low-profile gloves for shooting and duty use.



Hatch Reflective Traffic Glove

The RTG100 Reflective Traffic Glove allows others to clearly read hand signals.



Hatch White Cotton Parade Gloves

These WG1000S white cotton parade glove is made for special occassions and formal events in either law enforcement or military engagements, as well as for directing traffic or crowds.



Hatch Task Leather Light Glove

The TSK323 Light Leather glove is great for fine motor skill requirements.



Hatch Task Medium Glove

This glove is part of the Task Specific glove line which puts an emphasis on functionality.