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Armor Express


Armor Express QRF Ruck Backpack

Ballistic Concealed Panel Sold Separately!



Armor Express REVOLUTION Concealable Carrier

AE's top of the line concealable carrier system.


AE Evolution

Armor Express EVOLUTION Concealable Carrier

AE's proven carrier system.


AE Equinox

Armor Express EQUINOX Concealable Carrier

AE's Traditional Carrier System.


AE Lo-Pro

Armor Express LO-PRO Concealable Carrier

Ideal for those needing maximum armor concealment capability while maintaining a near undetectable presence.


AE Instructor OCS

Armor Express INSTRUCTOR VEST (OCS) Overtpatrol Carrier

Your standard concealable armor turned into an external load bearing vest.


AE Dress Vest

Armor Express DRESS VEST Overtpatrol Carrier

AE's outer carrier system that is suitable for daily use by patrol officers.


AE Echo Molle Configuration

Armor Express ECHO Overtpatrol Carrier (Molle & Slick Configurations)

Your legacy concealable soft armor converted into a convenient and comfortable outer vest option.


AE Med Vest

Armor Express MED Vest Overtpatrol Carrier

Similar to the OCS, the Med Vest is made from durable nylon material and features a reflective stripe for easy day or night identification.



Armor Express QUILTED CARRIER SYSTEM (QCS) Overtpatrol Carrier

Your concealable armor converted into an insulated, comfortable overt carrier.


AE Traverse Slick Configuration

Armor Express TRAVERSE Overtpatrol Carrier (Molle & Slick Configuration)

Your legacy concealable soft armor converted into a front zip-side opening vest.


AE Hard Core SU

Armor Express HARD CORE SU Overtpatrol Carrier

Features Legacy Concealable panels for higher mobility and vehicle operations.


AE Hard Core DM

Armor Express HARD CORE DM Overtpatrol Carrier

Accommodates standard concealable armor to provide protection to the vital organs of the torso.


AE Torc

Armor Express TORC Tactical Carrier

A multipurpose advanced plate carrier system designed to meet the demands of today's Law Enforcement and Tactical Teams.


AE Lighthawk PC

Armor Express LIGHTHAWK PC Tactical Plate Carrier

A heavy-duty yet streamlined "plate carrier" with unmatched features.


AE Lighthawk XT 2.0

Armor Express LIGHTHAWK XT 2.0 Tactical Carrier

The most modular and comfortable vest available to SWAT teams today.


AE Lighthawk LT

Armor Express LIGHTHAWK LT Tactical Carrier

A sleek, highly functional "Light Tactical" ensemble.


AE Raven

Armor Express RAVEN Tactical Carrier

High speed, fully customizable tactical carrier solution.