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Armorer Services

To ensure your firearm remains reliable and performing as intended, MSAR is pleased to offer a full-range of in-house armorer services! Whether you need your gun cleaned, repaired or modified, our in-house armorer has the tools and expertise to get the job done. Below is a list of our armorer services and estimated pricing. If you do not see your service listed below, we will be happy to discuss your armorer needs. For more information regarding our armorer services or to inquire about additional services, please contact us at  (301) 599-0800 EXT 806 or by email at

NOTE: The cost of parts and materials will be in addition to the rates listed below. Prices may vary based on the extent of care needed. Additionally, all night sights are installed for FREE when purchased from MSAR!

  • Armorer services are performed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All firearms must be brought to our facility unloaded and cased.
  • All firearms will be inspected at time of service. If anything warrants further attention, you will be notified.
  • All firearms should be expected to be in service for about 1-2 weeks.
  • Once work is complete, the firearm can only be released to the person who dropped it off.

  • Standard Hourly Rate for Armorer Services: $40.00
  • MINIMUM Charge (Per Gun): $10.00
  • Written Appraisals (Per Gun): $30.00
  • Clean & Oil Gun: $45.00-$100.00 (Stripping Gun, Cleaning All Parts, Checking for Wear & Making Suggestions to put in A-1 Condition)

Sight Work:

  • Sight-In Customer Gun:  $30.00-$50.00 + Cost of Ammunition & Targets
  • Bore Sighting: $20.00-$30.00
  • Install Receiver Sights (Gun Already Drilled & Tapped): $20.00-$45.00
  • Scope Mounting (Gun Already Drilled & Tapped): $35.00-$50.00

General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work:

  • Check Headspace: $35.00-$70.00
  • Remove Stuck Fired Case from Chamber: $10.00-$40.00
  • Remove Live Round from Chamber: $20.00-$65.00
  • Remove Obstruction from Bore: $10.00-$40.00
  • Remove Fouling from Barrel: Hourly Rate + Materials

Handgun Work:

  • Chamber Revolver Barrel: $25.00-$50.00
  • Revolver Action Job (Clean, Smooth Action): $40.00-$140.00 + Cost of Replacement Parts
  • Straighten Crane on Revolver: $25.00-$50.00
  • Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur: $30.00-$50.00
  • Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job (Clean, Smooth Action): $65.00-$175.00 + Cost of Replacement Parts
  • Fit Barrel to 1911 Auto, Non-Ramped Barrel: $90.00-$150.00 + Cost of Barrel
  • Fit & Install Barrel Bushing on 1911 Auto: $50.00-$100.00 + Cost of Bushing
  • Throat, Polish Barrel & Feed Ramp of 1911 Auto: $30.00-$100.00
  • Fit New Trigger to 1911 Auto: $30.00-$65.00 + Cost of Trigger
  • Fit Hammer to 1911 Auto: $45.00-$90.00 + Cost of Hammer
  • Install Set of Sights: $25.00-$35.00
  • Install Sling Swivels (Std & Q/D): $35.00-$55.00