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Body Armor / Ballistic Protection

Hard Armor


All Armor Express products (in exception to gear) must be ordered directly through our Sales Division - not available for purchase online or in store.


Rilfe Plates

Stopping power that exceeds expectations. Tested to stop the threats you are worried about and thy're lighter than you think.


Rifle_Plates     Rifle_Plate_Cuts


Your kit has become both customized and invaluable - and so has the need to find the right plates. Whether is it a level IV plate designed to stop a single armor-piercing round, a level III plate built for multiple hits from common street rounds, or a special threat option paired with soft ballistics to keep you agile and protected.

Plate Selection /  Manufactured from some of the strongest and lightest materials found on this planet, Armor express's plate selection offers modularity, protection, and size options for any threat you may encounter. 





Ballistic Helmets

The Armor Express Ballistic Helmet Selection has been tailored to match the needs of both Law Enforcement and Military personnel.




NIJ Level IIIA protection in the classic PASGT shape.



ACH/MICH shaped helmet of Aramid Fibers in a composite matrix - NIJ level IIIA Protection. (Shown in a standard Full-Cut)


ACH/MICH shaped helmet of Aramid Fibers in a composite matrix - NIJ Level IIIA + Fragmentation Protection (Shown in a Mid-Cut)


Ultra-lightweight ACH / MICH shaped helmet of Polyethylene composites - NIJ Level IIIA + Fragmentation Protection. (Shown in the Gunfighter High-Cut with MultiCam Dip)






Ballistic_Shields      Riot_Shields


Ballistic Shields-

-Ergonomically designed with choice of handle configuration
-Neck Strap
-Edges covered in hard wearing trim
-Threat level IIIA with or without view-port
-Threat level III without view-port
-Available in a standard range of sizes

-Customized I.D. Label
-LED Light


Riot Shields-

-Concave and convex designs
-Lexan body shield (clear polycarbonate material)
-Superior optical quality
-20"x36" - 6lbs x .150"
-24" x 48" - 8.5lbs x .150"
-Ergonomic handle
-Quick release strap
-1 year limited warranty

-Customized I.D. Label