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Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Class

HQL Class Overview: The structure and content of this class is established by the State of Maryland and is mandatory for those applying for a Handgun Qualification License (HQL). *UNLESS EXEMPT*

Class Length & Topics: 4+ Hours - This class is comprised of 4 hours of classroom instruction in which the instructor will cover State Firearm Law, Home Firearm Safety and Handgun Mechanisms. One additional hour (may be less or more time) will be spent on the range where each student will demonstrate the Operation and Handling of a Handgun (this demonstration includes a live-fire component).

$25.00 Per Person - The firearm, ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection and target are provided for each student and included in this fee.




HQL Overview: Unless otherwise exempt, as of October 1st 2013, a Maryland resident must possess a valid Handgun Qualification License (HQL) issued by Maryland State Police before he/she may purchase, rent or receive a handgun. You do not need a HQL to own a gun you already have.

HQL Exemption Details: It is strongly encourages that you check to see if you qualify for exemption status before beginning the HQL Application Process. You may be exempt from obtaining an HQL or you may be required to obtain an HQL, but exempt from the training component. CLICK HERE to view exemption details.

HQL Application Process:
1. HQL Class - Details Above
2. Electronic (Live-Scan) Fingerprint Based Background Check - Details Below
3. Application Submission - Applicants must submit their HQL application on the MSP Online Services Webpage  MSP charges a $51.00 Application Fee per applicant.

*Completed applications take about 3-4 weeks to process and become active after being submitted. Once active, your HQL will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. A HQL is valid for 10 years once issued.



Live-Scan Fingerprinting is available at MSAR before and after each HQL Class at a first come, first serve basis only - NO RESERVATIONS ARE TAKEN.

Live-Scan Fingerprint Fee for HQL Students: $70.00 Per Person

Those who would like to complete the Live-Scan Fingerprint based Background Check at MSAR are required to print, complete and bring with them the Secure Fingerprints HQL Form.

CLICK HERE to download the Secure Fingerprints HQL Form